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Organizational oriented projects Project - IT transfer from head office in Norway to subsidiary in Sweden: Part of a total closure of the Norwegian factory which involved large organizational changes for the company. Project - QSYS Extensive project that started in 2006 and was completed in 2011. The basic was to create an organizational unit with primary responsibility for all quality processes at the company in Romania. The task was to ensure that all necessary certifications were completed. Along the way, the project was expanded to include similar task in China. The project included management and motivation factors in addition to technical solutions and successful transfer of professional competence. Economical oriented projects Project - Reducing stock (JIT focus): Part of major capital rationalization project. Reduction of inventory based on analysis of "refill & process time" Project - Process effectivity increase Analysis of process times for same process / products at different production locations. Technical oriented projects Project - Y2K: Responsibility for all IT infrastructure & softeware that could be affected by problems during the millennium change. Project - Complaint Register (COMPRE): Development of workflow application related to customer complaints and internal non-conformances for the BecoTek division globally (Norway, USA, Romania, China).
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