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Administration and operation The focus has been on system, authentication & safety, and operational stability. Operating environment with PC server and the mid range AS/400 - IBM iSeries is something I worked with from 1998 to 2006. PC server included both Novell Netware and Windows NT / Windows 2000. This also included ERP solutions such as “Løsning1”, Movex and Domino / Lotus Notes on AS/400 - IBM iSeries. Solutions on Microsoft platform included WinTid (time registration), ECO-online (HSE data sheets). Development & applications At the same time I was in charge of different IT systems in the period 1998-2006, some time were used to extract and anayzing data. I created models in Excel and tools like DI-Diver, and automated processes for creating data reports. I was normally used as a resource person to look for, link, and analyze patterns in data from databases in different environments. An application for customer complaints for BecoTek AS was developed by me in 2002. This was based on Domino / Lotus Notes and was a workflow application for activities and deadlines. First used in Norway, then implemented in Romania. In 2008, this platform was replaced by Sharepoint and the plants in the US and China were integrated to the same application. A similar system was also created for registration of internal non-conformances in Norway. At Jacobsen Elektro Group, a web based application was developed by me. This should ensure the reporting of unwanted events was saved, and not be traced back to the whistle blower. Such reports had to be anonymized, to be compliant with the law's requirements for a company to facilitate anonymous reporting. Computer tools I have very good experience with typical office applications like MS Office. Among other tools I’ve used to use I can mention Minitab®, Sharepoint, InfoPath, Xara Web Designer, NiceLabel, Dynamics AX and a variety of programming language tools. In general, my interest is great in all data-related topics.
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