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HSE The most important thing about HSE has been to ensure that no employees or hired labor is injured or perished as a result of the work being carried out. Control of this has been through direct follow-up at the site or workplace, through active work on risk mitigation measures and activities, as well as training in personal safety and understanding of the importance of using personal protective equipment. Environment Measures in environmental projects have had two main factors as driving force. Customer related requirements for a key supplier to be environmentally certified, as well as society's requirements for sustainability. My task has been to make such demands in an economically sound manner while fulfilling customer and/or community requirements. Projects linked to this are work with energy efficiency, CO2 footprint, and installations in less developed regions and countries. The challenge of having a consistent policy and a common measurement and reporting system for an organization that is spread across several continents is also something I've been involved in. Quality / Risk Management Follow-up, measurement and analysis have been a major part of my area of responsibility. This is reflected in my way of approaching a problem or anomaly. Mapping of root causes and risk assessment are important pillar. Tools for such analyzes have been found in AIAG's manuals (Automotive Industry Action Group). My Green Belt course and certification has also brought me very useful knowledge. International Accredited Certifications: ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Lead Auditor - IRCA Certificate IQ-LA0731 Quality System Manager (Certificate QSM-520 & IPC Certificate IPC-NO-QM-023) Quality Lead Auditor (Certificate QLA-945 & IPC Certificate IPC-NO-QLA-162) Risk Manager (Certifcate RM-394 & IPC Certificate IPC-NO-RM-005) Analytical methods and tools often used are SJA (Safe Job analysis), PFMEA and Minitab®.
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