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Some of my hobbies are as much related to work as leisure time. I like computer programming and have used VB.net, ASP.net, PHP, CL on iSeries and @ Command / LotusScript on Domino / Lotus Notes. Analysis and statistics are something I also enjoy both in work and in private, like economy and stock market (share/funds). At the cottage I like carpentry and garden projects. Gardening like planting in combinations of water, stone and wood feels interesting. The challenge of design, procurement and doing the whole process gives me a good feeling. Travel and experience other cultures are on the list of recreational activities. This can be from the very local home travels and at the cottage, to more exotic parts on our planet. Such experiences are then captured to photos and movies,. Hopefully I can find time to organize this material some time in the future. My latest hobby is Geocaching, which have given me a lot of interesting challenges both home in Norway and abroad.
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Programming & analysis Cottage & garden work Travel & foreign cultures Geocaching
The cottage Not mountains and skiing, but very nice scenery anyway.
Travel Burj Khalifa, Dubai March 2011.
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Roger A. Olavsen
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My interst also include reading (fiction, biographies, poetry/prose), as well as journals related to science and economics. Music is something I really enjoy and feel relaxing in a wide range of genres. My relation to the written word is a mix of love and analytic, which I constant use as a part of my working context too.